QAnon unmasked: You won’t believe who it really is!

After months of intense investigation, it turns out that the “Q” of QAnon infamy is none other than Q from the Q Continuum! “I thought the local elections for one of those pieces of land was far too dull,” admitted the interdimensional being last Tuesday. “I was going to use the Capitol Riot of ’21 as an argument against humanity when I meet Picard for the first time. However, those humans have that invasive habit of recording everything and when I tried this argument one of Jean Luc’s engineers spotted my face stirring up a crowd outside the Capitol Dome. Humans are so emotional and immediately decided that the argument was moot upon seeing me there.”

When asked why he would stir up such a dangerous event in world history, Q admitted things went out of control but pled innocence. “It wasn’t I who killed any of those poor people. Those humans did that to themselves, with their flags, their falsified data, and their fighting instincts.”

Towards the end of the interview Q mused, “I just wanted to add some pizazz to an otherwise boring event. Don’t the humans do similar things when they’re bored?”

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