A pattern I’ve noticed lately…

When conscientious Conservative Christians object to actions of the Republican Party which concern truthfulness and, more recently, Rule of Law, it seems a growing mainstream response is to question the conscientious objector to see if they believe against their personal Shibboleth, or to outright accuse them of transgressing said Shibboleth.

For example, in raising an objection to a false quote on Facebook regarding the 2nd Amendment, instead of being told “you’re right, I did misquote that, didn’t I?” I was asked if I still agreed with the 2nd Amendment (which I do, of course).

Another example I’ve seen was someone who raised an objection to David Barton’s false, revisionist approach to history. The response to my friend’s objection was “are you promoting secular history?” No, he wasn’t. He was objecting to falsehood.

This behavior extends to the President, a professing Christian, using put-downs like “too dumb or too corrupt” and name-calling like “RINO” as a means of discrediting Republicans challenging his behavior.

It appears as though Christian Republicans are increasingly clinging to the worldly comfort of political power by proactively searching for a Bulverism to commit against others, in some cases their own brother or sister, when they’ve been commanded to live differently.

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

Romans 12:18 (ESV)

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