Is Our Republic Eroding?

Not going to lie, I am very concerned for the safety of people in a political party that I strongly and morally disagree with: The Democratic Party. I’m concerned because they’re still humans with the same rights as mine. Their rights shouldn’t be up for grabs.

Why am I concerned? Because select members of the political party that champion the concept of a Republic, namely Republicans, were observed to engage in intimidation tactics.

Content Warning: video contains language.

While an investigation is underway by the FBI, there is a very concerning development. Namely, our President glorified it on Twitter (with a different angle that doesn’t show the violence, of course).

Given our President’s proficiency at Twitter and his position as Commander-in-Chief of the United States, I have no reason to believe he did not know of the above video when he responded with the below tweets.

The President of the United States is a master at communication and isn’t stupid.

I would expect nothing less than this behavior from the Democratic Party supporters since the violent rioting and looting appeared to be at the very least excused (aka “mostly peaceful”) by certain elements in that party. That being said, it has since been denounced by that party after it shattered the already-bruised economy in Democrat bastions like Chicago. Anarchy holds no true loyalties.

The Republican Party’s role is to hold the Democratic Party’s ideology in check and to protect the Republic which they champion by the rule of law and not by taking the law into their own hands. If their strategy to hold that ideology in check is with the intimidation and violence that they denounce, our Republic, the United States of America as we know it today, could be at risk of a collapse.

Furthermore, since many Republicans identify with Christianity, Christians with any basic understanding of the scriptures should be horrified at this behavior. When a lust for political power supersedes loving one’s enemy then there’s a problem. A very big problem.

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