Thoughts on Floyd’s Death

Something’s terribly wrong when a journalist can be arrested on the spur of the moment without explanation, charges, or a warrant but it takes days (like in Minneapolis) or even a year (like in Chicago) for an officer to be placed into custody to be tried for killing someone in front of a rolling camera.

Something’s terribly wrong if Christians are complaining more about the destruction and theft of property than about the snuffing out of a human made in God’s image.

This isn’t Democrat vs. Republican politics here. I despise CNN’s dishonest and clearly biased “journalism”. I would even categorize some of their work as fake news and hit pieces. But this morning’s arrest was a flagrant abuse of the reporting team’s constitutional rights, in my opinion.

Thanks be to God that no injustice, be it murder or abuse or theft, can slip past His notice, and how terrible a judgment awaits all those whose sins are not covered by the blood of Jesus! Realizing this truth should make even the most passionate advocates for social justice shudder at what fate the unrepentant face.

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